How to Become a Landlord in Mississauga

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Becoming a landlord in Mississauga offers an excellent opportunity for passive income through property rental. With over 20 years of experience as a Mississauga real estate agent, I’ve guided many clients through the process of purchasing and managing rental properties. This guide provides ten crucial steps to transition smoothly from homeowner to landlord, while addressing specific requirements and potential challenges faced in Mississauga.

Becoming a Landlord in Mississauga

Local Requirements and Considerations in Mississauga

In Mississauga, as in all of Ontario, landlords must comply with provincial housing laws, which cover everything from security deposits and tenant safety to anti-discrimination policies. It’s vital to understand these laws before renting out your property, as non-compliance can lead to legal issues and make your lease agreements invalid.

The Reality of Being a Landlord

Becoming a landlord often involves the passive collection of rent. It also means that you never clock out, it requires dedication to handle emergencies and maintenance issues at any time. Whether it’s a midnight plumbing disaster or unexpected repairs, being prepared for the unpredictable is part of the job. Moreover, potential landlords should be financially prepared to address issues arising from problematic tenants or unforeseen damages to the property.

Financial and Social Benefits

Despite the challenges, being a landlord can be highly rewarding. Beyond the financial gains from monthly rent and the long-term value of property appreciation, many landlords enjoy autonomy in their work and build lasting relationships with their tenants. This can lead to a fulfilling career as a property manager and owner.

Finding the Right Property

Choosing the right investment property is crucial. Look for properties that not only fit your budget but also attract reliable tenants. Mississauga’s diverse market offers various options that cater to different tenant demographics, from young professionals to families.

Steps to Becoming a Landlord in Mississauga

  1. Identify a Suitable Investment Property: Consider properties in areas with high rental demand and potential for appreciation.
  2. Understand Market Dynamics: Research local rental markets to set competitive rents and attract tenants.
  3. Financial Planning: Budget for regular expenses and unexpected costs to ensure profitability.
  4. Prepare the Property: Make necessary repairs and improvements to enhance livability and appeal.
  5. Effective Advertising: Market your property effectively to reach potential tenants.
  6. Tenant Screening: Conduct thorough screenings to find reliable tenants.
  7. Legal Compliance: Familiarize yourself with Ontario’s rental laws to ensure all practices are compliant.
  8. Draft a Solid Lease Agreement: Create a comprehensive lease that protects both landlord and tenant interests.
  9. Manage Property Maintenance: Keep the property in good condition to retain value and satisfy tenants.
  10. Consider Property Management Services: If managing the property becomes overwhelming, consider hiring a professional property manager.

If you’re considering becoming a landlord in Mississauga, remember that preparation and knowledge are key. For those looking to invest in rental properties, my extensive experience in the Mississauga real estate market can help you find the right property to meet your investment goals.

RE/MAX Real Estate Agents: The #1 Choice for Trust in Canada

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Year after year, RE/MAX real estate agents have been voted the #1 Most Trusted in Canada*. A title awarded through the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study. This prestigious recognition comes from a comprehensive national survey where 25,161 Canadian shoppers provided unaided, top-of-mind feedback across various categories. In real estate, RE/MAX stands out as the most trusted agency brand. The quality and reliability that its agents consistently deliver is why.

This blog covers what makes RE/MAX® the preferred choice for Canadian homebuyers and sellers. Let’s explore the factors that contribute to its esteemed reputation and unwavering consumer trust.

Understanding the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study

The 2024 BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study involves analyzing feedback from thousands of Canadian consumers, covering 262 distinct categories across a diverse range of products and services. Within the Services category, RE/MAX emerged as the leading real estate agency brand.

This study reveals a key trend: amid economic challenges and inflation, consumers prefer quality brands, even at higher costs. Brands like RE/MAX remain popular with Canadians, showing resilience and value. They stand out in a market full of new, often cheaper online options.

The Strength of the RE/MAX Brand

RE/MAX’s global network includes over 140,000 sales associates in more than 110 countries and territories, making it a formidable presence in the real estate industry.

Notably, RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand***, and they are the most recommended by both buyers and sellers in the real estate market****. This impressive performance is a direct result of RE/MAX agents’ unwavering commitment to professionalism and excellence in service.

“We’re honoured to be the real estate brand that is most trusted by Canadians year after year. This is a direct reflection of the high level of professionalism and dedication of our network of more than 25,000 RE/MAX agents across Canada**. Real estate is a unique category in the consumer space, in that a home is such a personal purchase and a significant investment. Having a trusted, experienced agent guiding consumers through the process makes all the difference.” – Christopher Alexander, Vice President of RE/MAX Canada

RE/MAX’s Trusted Legacy

RE/MAX’s recognition as Canada’s most trusted real estate brand shows its lasting legacy. This trust reflects more than just market presence. It’s about the personal, informed, and dedicated service from its agents. Buying a home is a major personal and financial step. A trusted real estate agent is crucial in this journey.

RE/MAX agents stand out with their expertise and commitment. They are the preferred choice for Canadians in real estate matters.


RE/MAX’s frequent recognition as Canada’s top real estate brand highlights its agents’ service quality, market insight, and professionalism. Choosing a RE/MAX agent for buying or selling property ensures working with a professional. They are part of a trusted, excellent legacy in Canadian real estate.

*Voted most trusted Real Estate Agency brand by Canadian shoppers based on the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study, years 2019-2024 and 2017.
**As of year-end 2022.
***Source: CREA, RE/MAX
**** Source: MMR Strategy Group study of buyers and sellers, asked if there is one real estate brand they would be most likely to recommend to a friend or relative, and if so which one.

Canadian Mortgage Rates: Key Influences and Types

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Canadian mortgage rates are influenced by various economic factors and the type of mortgage chosen. The Bank of Canada’s interest rate changes, bond yields, and the Prime rate play significant roles in determining these rates.

In this blog, we’ll cover the difficulty of how Canadian mortgage rates are determined. Exploring both fixed and variable-rate mortgages, and discuss their implications for homeowners and homebuyers in the current economic climate.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages: Bond Market Influence

Fixed-rate mortgages lock in an interest rate for the mortgage term, offering stability in monthly payments. The rates for these mortgages are closely tied to the bond market, particularly the five-year government bond yields. As bond yields rise or fall, fixed mortgage rates often follow suit. This connection arises because financial institutions use government bonds as a source of fixed-income revenue. To attract capital, mortgage rates must remain competitive with bond yields.

Variable-Rate Mortgages: Tied to the Prime Rate

In contrast, variable-rate mortgages fluctuate with changes in the lender’s Prime rate, which is influenced by the Bank of Canada’s policy rate. When the central bank adjusts its overnight lending rate, it impacts the Prime rate, causing variable mortgage rates to change accordingly. Homebuyers with variable-rate mortgages need to be prepared for changes in their interest rates and monthly payments in response to economic shifts.

The Bank of Canada’s Role

The Bank of Canada’s monetary policy significantly impacts mortgage rates. In times of economic uncertainty or inflation concerns, the central bank may adjust interest rates to stabilize the economy. These adjustments can directly affect funding costs for lenders, which in turn influences mortgage rates. For example, during the early days of the pandemic, funding costs for lenders increased sharply due to market nervousness, affecting mortgage rates despite lower policy interest rates.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Even minor shifts in interest rates can significantly affect homeowners and buyers. For those with variable-rate mortgages, rate increases can lead to higher monthly payments, while fixed-rate mortgage holders might face higher rates upon renewing if market rates have risen. Conversely, if interest rates are expected to decrease, homeowners might benefit from a variable-rate mortgage.

Current Mortgage Climate

The rapid increase in interest rates has caught many Canadians off guard, leading to financial stress for homeowners facing mortgage renewals or those with variable-rate mortgages. However, there’s growing speculation that the Bank of Canada might lower rates to bolster the economy. It’s crucial for homebuyers and homeowners to stay informed about market trends. Consult with financial advisors to navigate the mortgage landscape effectively.


In conclusion, understanding the factors influencing Canadian mortgage rates is crucial for making informed decisions in the real estate market. Whether considering a fixed or variable-rate mortgage, it’s essential to stay abreast of economic trends and the Bank of Canada’s policy changes. As the mortgage landscape evolves, being well-informed can help you navigate these changes and make choices that align with your financial goals.

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What Does Purchasing a Home ‘AS IS’ Mean

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When looking for a home, the phrase “as is” often pops up, signifying a property sold in its current state, with the seller making no repairs or improvements before the sale.

This means the buyer assumes responsibility for any issues and repairs post-purchase. However, contrary to common belief, an “as is” clause doesn’t trap the buyer into accepting the property regardless of its condition. Including a “subject to inspection” clause can provide an out if significant problems are uncovered. This clause is especially relevant when sellers, such as banks or executors who haven’t lived in the property, are unaware of its condition and therefore cannot guarantee its state.

Understanding the “As Is” Clause

The “as is” clause signals a clear message: the property comes with all its existing issues, placing the onus on the buyer to do thorough research. It’s crucial for buyers to delve into the property’s history, checking for any unpermitted work or underlying issues. However, it’s important to note that sellers cannot use this clause to sidestep disclosing known defects. Sellers are legally obligated to inform buyers of any significant, hidden problems, despite the property being listed “as is.”

Strategies for a Smart ‘As Is’ Purchase

1. Ensuring Financial Preparedness: When it comes to “as is” properties, lenders scrutinize your financial stability, not just for the purchase but also for future renovations. Demonstrating a comprehensive plan covering both the acquisition and repair costs is vital. This may include providing detailed financial projections and evidence of additional funding sources.

2. Thorough Property Inspection: An inspection becomes indispensable in “as is” purchases. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to uncover every potential issue, from structural flaws to hidden health hazards. Engaging in specialized inspections, such as radon testing or oil tank sweeps, can prevent future surprises. Following the inspection, securing repair estimates from trusted contractors can offer a clearer view of impending expenses.

3. Evaluating Insurance Options: Given the inherent risks, securing insurance for “as is” properties can be challenging. Seeking insurers experienced in covering such properties or those undergoing significant renovations can lead to more favorable terms. Sharing renovation plans with insurers may also help reduce premiums by demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the property’s condition.

Partner with Expertise When Purchasing a Home

Embarking on the “as is” property journey requires careful navigation. At RE/MAX, our seasoned agents bring a wealth of knowledge to steer you through these complex transactions. Whether you’re entering the market for the first time or are an experienced investor, RE/MAX Success stands ready to uncover the potential in “as is” properties, ensuring a smooth path to ownership.

In summary, purchasing an “as is” property in real estate means buying the home in its current condition, with the buyer assuming the risk for all existing faults and damages. While this can offer a unique opportunity to invest at a potentially lower price, it demands thorough due diligence, financial preparation, and strategic planning. With the right approach and expert guidance, buyers can navigate this path successfully, transforming challenges into valuable investments.

Does Relisting a Property at a Higher Price Work?

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When it comes to the real estate market, relisting a property at a higher price can be a strategic move, but it requires careful consideration. This approach might work under certain conditions, yet it’s not without its challenges. Initially, relisting can provide a fresh start for a property that didn’t sell, potentially drawing new interest. Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies and effective strategies of relisting a property for a successful outcome.

Understanding Relisting

Relisting involves putting a property back on the market after a previous listing period has lapsed without a sale. This could be due to various reasons – an expired listing, a failed deal, incorrect pricing, or the desire to enhance the property before trying again. Sometimes life changes such as emergencies or job shifts necessitate relisting. The ultimate goal is to reengage the market for a second chance at a sale.

The Effectiveness of Relisting

Relisting at a higher price can be effective, but this depends heavily on how it’s executed. A property that lingered unsold can gain a negative perception, suggesting it might be overpriced or have issues. Therefore, relisting requires a thoughtful, strategic approach, not just a simple delist and relist. Ideally, a property should appear fresh on the market, aiming for a desirable days-on-market (DOM) duration, typically around 33 days.

Key Factors for Successful Relisting

  1. Price Reassessment: If a property hasn’t sold due to pricing issues, reconsider the price. Ensure that any increase in the listing price is justifiable and aligns with market trends and property enhancements.
  2. Enhanced Visibility and Marketing: Revamp your marketing strategy. High-quality photographs, comprehensive information, and modern marketing techniques like virtual tours can significantly improve visibility and attractiveness.
  3. Property Improvements: Undertaking renovations or repairs can justify a higher price tag. Improvements should be strategic and appealing to potential buyers.

Risks and Benefits of Relisting

Relisting a property at a higher price comes with both risks and rewards. The most evident risk is the perception that the property was previously unsold due to some flaw, making buyers hesitant about a higher price. On the flip side, relisting refreshes the days-on-market (DOM) count, presenting the property as a new listing. This can attract new buyers and potentially lead to offers at the increased price.

A relisting also provides an opportunity to refine the selling strategy. If the initial listing didn’t generate much interest, sellers can analyze and modify their approach. This might include making repairs or updates to the property, thereby supporting the higher asking price.

Executing Relisting Effectively

To maximize the chances of success when relisting at a higher price, sellers should:

  • Ensure high-quality, professional photos and virtual tours of the property are available.
  • Highlight all key features and selling points clearly in the listing.
  • Adapt the selling strategy based on feedback from the initial listing period.
  • Consider timing and market conditions to capitalize on favorable trends.

A well-executed relist can make the property appear fresh and new, potentially attracting a different set of buyers who may have overlooked it initially.

Leveraging Professional Advice

Working with a seasoned real estate agent can significantly enhance the relisting process. An expert can provide insights into market trends, suggest effective property improvements, and devise a compelling marketing strategy. Their experience can be invaluable in navigating the complexities of relisting and achieving a successful sale.


Relisting a property at a higher price can work, but it requires a thoughtful approach, market awareness, and sometimes, professional guidance. The key is to make the property appealing and fresh to the market, justifying the higher price and drawing in potential new buyers. With the right strategy, relisting can turn a previously unsold property into a desirable and sought-after home.

Why Ontario Cottage Prices Are Dropping Now

why are ontario cottage prices dropping in canada

Recent trends indicate that now might be the perfect time to buy a cottage in Ontario. After a significant rise during the pandemic, driven by remote work and a desire for more space, cottage prices in Ontario are seeing a noticeable drop. This shift is attributed to several factors, including a return to office work, inflation, and the rising cost of living, making now an advantageous time for potential buyers. Let’s explore how Ontario cottage prices are dropping going into 2024!

Pandemic Boom and Current Adjustments

During the pandemic, Ontario’s cottage market experienced unprecedented growth. Families seeking a change from urban living propelled demand, driving prices to record highs. However, as work-from-home opportunities decrease and people return to offices, demand for cottages as permanent residences has lessened.

Additionally, economic factors like increased fuel costs and higher interest rates have impacted affordability, leading to a decline in cottage prices. The Kawarthas and Peterborough, for instance, saw average prices drop from $1.24 million in early 2022 to about $856,000 in early 2023, with a corresponding 50% fall in sales.

A Shifting Market: Opportunities for Buyers

Ontario’s cottage market is now aligning more with pre-pandemic levels, shifting back to their traditional role as seasonal retreats rather than full-time homes. This realignment is making cottages more accessible and affordable, particularly in high-demand areas like Muskoka, where a 16% year-over-year price drop was reported.

The rising cost of living is another crucial factor influencing the drop in cottage prices. As everyday expenses increase, owning a second home or a cottage has become a luxury for many, leading to a surge in the supply of cottages on the market.

For retirees and those seeking a quieter lifestyle, the current market presents a unique opportunity. Selling high-value urban properties and investing in more affordable cottages can be an attractive option. With lower prices, especially in off-peak seasons like winter, buyers have more negotiating power and face less competition.

In summary, the Ontario cottage market is undergoing a correction, making it an ideal time for buyers to invest in a property. Whether for personal use or as a rental, the current stability in prices, coupled with economic and lifestyle shifts, is creating a favorable environment for purchasing cottages in Ontario.

The Transformation from PPS Realty to RE/MAX Success Realty

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It is with immense pride and excitement that we unveil a significant milestone in our journey—our transition from PPS Realty to RE/MAX Success Realty. In an industry that thrives on trust, knowledge, and innovation, this transition marks not just a change in our name but an elevation in what we offer to our agents, clients, and the community. Here’s why this change is a landmark event in our continual commitment to providing top-notch real estate services.

Meet the Man Behind the Change: Ali Salarian

Let’s start by introducing Ali Salarian. He’s the driving force behind our brand’s evolution. With 20 years in real estate, Ali’s experience is vast. His focus? Building trust and delivering top-notch service. The change to RE/MAX amplifies this vision.

Why RE/MAX and Why Now?

The real estate landscape is ever-changing. We need to evolve to stay ahead. That’s where RE/MAX comes in. This brand is a leader in the industry. It brings a mix of brand strength, global reach, and tech prowess. Ali saw these benefits as crucial for the next chapter.

Empowering Our Agents

What’s a brokerage without its agents? Ali believes the power of a firm lies in its team. Our move to RE/MAX brings perks for our 20-strong squad of real estate professionals. They now have access to more resources. They can also tap into advanced training programs. Plus, they can leverage cutting-edge tech tools. All these advantages make it easier to serve clients effectively.

Future Plans for RE/MAX Success Realty

We’re not stopping here. Our eyes are on the horizon. Ali aims to use RE/MAX’s extensive network to fuel growth. More agents will join our team. More communities in the Greater Toronto Area will benefit from our services. The iconic RE/MAX balloon symbolizes this ambition for limitless expansion.

Ali’s Final Thoughts

Ali is thrilled about the transition. “Joining RE/MAX is a pivotal moment. The brand is a beacon of excellence in real estate,” he says. We share his excitement. We’re eager to leverage this powerful brand to achieve more.

Conclusion: Where Commitment Meets Excellence

“I’m excited to be a part of a brand that is renowned for its excellence and success in the real estate industry,” says Ali Salarian. This transition is not just about change; it’s about evolution. As RE/MAX Success Realty, we promise to uphold our relentless focus on client success, agent empowerment, and industry innovation.

In this exciting new chapter, we invite you to experience the distinctive blend of local expertise and global reach that only RE/MAX Success Realty can provide. Welcome to the future of real estate services—redefined, reimagined, and ready for you. Unstoppable Starts Here!

Buying, Selling, and Investing with PPS Realty

buy, sell, and invest in real estate

Real estate remains one of the most dynamic and lucrative industries in the world. From first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors, the opportunities are vast and varied.

PPS Realty (now RE/MAX Success Realty) is a premier real estate brokerage. It stands as a trusted guide for anyone looking to navigate the intricacies of buying, selling, and investing in real estate. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential aspects of each stage, highlighting how PPS Realty Brokerage can be your partner in success.

Buying Real Estate with PPS Realty

Finding Your Dream Home:

Buying real estate, especially a home, is more than a financial decision; it’s a life-changing experience. PPS Realty’s professional agents understand your needs and help you find properties that fit your budget, lifestyle, and future goals. Our expertise ensures that you are well-informed and confident in your purchase.

Navigating the Market:

The real estate market is complex, but PPS Realty provides you with the latest market insights and trends. Our agents assist you in evaluating properties and making the right decisions, whether you are a first-time buyer or expanding your property portfolio.

Closing the Deal:

From negotiations to closing, PPS Realty stands by you every step of the way. Our strong network and experienced team simplify the buying process, making it smooth and stress-free.

Selling Real Estate with PPS Realty

Strategic Marketing:

Selling real estate demands a well-planned marketing strategy. PPS Realty brokerage has an extensive network and employs innovative marketing techniques to showcase your property to potential buyers. With professional photography, virtual tours, and personalized marketing, we ensure that your property stands out.

Pricing it Right:

Setting the right price is crucial for attracting buyers. Our experienced agents analyze the market trends, evaluate your property, and set a competitive price that reflects its true value.

Sealing the Offer:

From listing to closing the sale, our committed team ensures that every detail is handled with care. We negotiate on your behalf, handle all the paperwork, and make sure you get the best possible offer.

Investing in Real Estate with PPS Realty

Understanding Investment Opportunities:

Investing in real estate is a promising path to building wealth. PPS Realty offers tailored investment strategies, helping you identify lucrative opportunities that align with your financial goals.

Risk Assessment:

Investing requires careful consideration of potential risks and rewards. With us, you gain access to expert insights and risk assessments, ensuring that your investments are sound and profitable.

Long-term Success:

Real estate investing is a long-term game, and PPS Realty is committed to supporting you throughout your investment journey. Our investment specialists guide you in managing your portfolio, growing your assets, and ensuring sustained success.


Whether you are buying your first home, selling a property, or exploring investment opportunities, PPS Realty is a partner you can trust. Our comprehensive services, experienced team, and commitment to your success make us a standout brokerage in the real estate industry.

Embrace the opportunities that real estate offers and take the first step towards financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Connect with PPS Realty today, and let us guide you on this exciting journey. Your real estate dreams are within reach, and we are here to make them a reality.