RE/MAX Real Estate Agents: The #1 Choice for Trust in Canada

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Year after year, RE/MAX real estate agents have been voted the #1 Most Trusted in Canada*. A title awarded through the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study. This prestigious recognition comes from a comprehensive national survey where 25,161 Canadian shoppers provided unaided, top-of-mind feedback across various categories. In real estate, RE/MAX stands out as the most trusted agency brand. The quality and reliability that its agents consistently deliver is why.

This blog covers what makes RE/MAX® the preferred choice for Canadian homebuyers and sellers. Let’s explore the factors that contribute to its esteemed reputation and unwavering consumer trust.

Understanding the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study

The 2024 BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study involves analyzing feedback from thousands of Canadian consumers, covering 262 distinct categories across a diverse range of products and services. Within the Services category, RE/MAX emerged as the leading real estate agency brand.

This study reveals a key trend: amid economic challenges and inflation, consumers prefer quality brands, even at higher costs. Brands like RE/MAX remain popular with Canadians, showing resilience and value. They stand out in a market full of new, often cheaper online options.

The Strength of the RE/MAX Brand

RE/MAX’s global network includes over 140,000 sales associates in more than 110 countries and territories, making it a formidable presence in the real estate industry.

Notably, RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand***, and they are the most recommended by both buyers and sellers in the real estate market****. This impressive performance is a direct result of RE/MAX agents’ unwavering commitment to professionalism and excellence in service.

“We’re honoured to be the real estate brand that is most trusted by Canadians year after year. This is a direct reflection of the high level of professionalism and dedication of our network of more than 25,000 RE/MAX agents across Canada**. Real estate is a unique category in the consumer space, in that a home is such a personal purchase and a significant investment. Having a trusted, experienced agent guiding consumers through the process makes all the difference.” – Christopher Alexander, Vice President of RE/MAX Canada

RE/MAX’s Trusted Legacy

RE/MAX’s recognition as Canada’s most trusted real estate brand shows its lasting legacy. This trust reflects more than just market presence. It’s about the personal, informed, and dedicated service from its agents. Buying a home is a major personal and financial step. A trusted real estate agent is crucial in this journey.

RE/MAX agents stand out with their expertise and commitment. They are the preferred choice for Canadians in real estate matters.


RE/MAX’s frequent recognition as Canada’s top real estate brand highlights its agents’ service quality, market insight, and professionalism. Choosing a RE/MAX agent for buying or selling property ensures working with a professional. They are part of a trusted, excellent legacy in Canadian real estate.

*Voted most trusted Real Estate Agency brand by Canadian shoppers based on the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study, years 2019-2024 and 2017.
**As of year-end 2022.
***Source: CREA, RE/MAX
**** Source: MMR Strategy Group study of buyers and sellers, asked if there is one real estate brand they would be most likely to recommend to a friend or relative, and if so which one.

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