How Renting in Canada is Changing

Building for renting in Canada

As Canada prepares for its upcoming federal budget, significant changes are on the horizon for renting in Canada. The government has unveiled new measures aimed at easing the challenges faced by tenants and paving the way for easier homeownership.

New Tenant Protections Announced:

Ministers Steven Guilbeault and Pablo Rodriguez recently highlighted the government’s plans to bolster tenant rights. They acknowledged the struggles tenants face with provincial laws and landlord disputes. To address these issues, the government is launching a $15 million tenant protection fund in 2024-25, offering legal support for renters against unfair practices like illegal rent hikes and evictions.

Enhancing Credit Opportunities for Renters:

A key initiative is to recognize on-time rent payments in tenants’ credit scores. Amendments to the Canadian Mortgage Charter will encourage landlords, banks, and credit bureaus to include rental history in credit evaluations. This move aims to make renting more affordable and assist younger Canadians in the rental market.

Canadian Renters’ Bill of Rights:

The government plans to introduce a Canadian Renters’ Bill of Rights, fostering transparency and fairness in the rental process. This bill will compel landlords to disclose rental price histories, aiding tenants in fair negotiations. Measures to prevent rent evictions and standardize lease agreements are also expected to be part of this bill.

“It’s too hard to find an affordable place to rent, especially for younger Canadians. That’s why in budget 2024, we’re taking action to protect renters, make the rental market fairer, and open new pathways for renters to become homeowners. Let’s make sure renters count,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a press release.


These big moves by the Canadian government signal a promising shift towards supporting renters, with the dual goals of enhancing rental experiences and facilitating the path to homeownership. For those considering renting this spring, RE/MAX Success Realty, with its team of over 20 agents, is ready to help navigate these changes and find the ideal rental property.

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