How REMAX Success Realty Helps Agents Sell

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At REMAX Success Realty, we empower our agents with extensive support and resources to excel in the Ontario real estate market. From in-depth training to advanced marketing tools, our brokerage is dedicated to ensuring every agent is well-equipped to maximize their sales potential.

REMAX Success Realty Training & Support

Under the leadership of Ali Salarian, our Broker of Record, REMAX Success Realty places a strong emphasis on the value of our agents. Ali Salarian believes, “Agents are not just a number, they are the most important assets in the Brokerage, and we believe in investing in them.” This philosophy translates into robust training programs that include exclusive sales training sessions. We go over personality insights, sales scripts, and customer interaction strategies, ensuring our agents are prepared to meet any challenge.

REMAX Success’s In-House Marketing W/ Agent2Brand

Our in-house marketing team ensures that every listing gets the visibility it deserves across various platforms, significantly increasing the chances of a quick and profitable sale. Additionally, our dedicated leads manager enhances agent success by nurturing leads and setting the stage for effective client interactions.

This shows even sellers that REMAX agents are committed to success and will do what’s necessary to sell your property!

A Trusted Brand with a Strong Network

As part of the #1 most trusted real estate brand globally, our agents enjoy the prestige and trust that come with the REMAX name. This recognition, combined with our extensive network of REMAX agents, opens up more opportunities for collaboration and closing deals. Across Canada, there are currently around 25,000 REMAX agents, a huge network that you can leverage.

Attractive Commission Structure and Benefits

Furthermore, REMAX Success Realty offers one of the most competitive commission plans in the industry. We offer no transaction fees, allowing our agents to keep more of their earnings. We also provide a free CRM/IDX website through Kvcore, enhancing our agents’ ability to manage relationships and streamline their workflow. Our support extends to social media and lead generation, freeing our agents to focus on selling homes.


Joining REMAX Success Realty means more than just working at a real estate brokerage. You’re becoming part of a family that works together for success. Our comprehensive support system, combined with the RE/MAX brand’s power, provides our agents with the tools they need to succeed. If you’re an agent looking to elevate your career, REMAX Success Realty is your partner in achieving greatness. Join us and see how we can help you thrive in real estate!

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