Four Strategies for Gaining Trust and Reputation in the Real Estate Market

Trusted real estate agent shaking hands with new buyers

Validation is everything.

If you’ve been following our recent posts or tuning into our video content, you’ll know that our main mantra centers on fostering a “Know, Like, Trust” relationship with your potential clients.

This approach was corroborated when I read the National Association of Realtors 2022 Generational Trends Report. The report highlighted that “credibility and dependability” are the main criteria clients consider when choosing an agent.

So how do you become the most credible, likeable, and trusted real estate agent in your area? You can either continue with your current methods and let trust build gradually, or you can actively engage in four impactful strategies—starting now.

Ready to level up? Let’s jump in!

Tactic 1: Consistent Video Content — At Least Thrice a Week

To be liked, you need to be known. And to be known, you have to be seen—frequently. Consistent video posts on social media can make you feel omnipresent, which is vital for trust-building.

Aim for at least six posts per week, but no fewer than three. Offer a variety of content: quick FAQs, case study insights, “Success Story” videos, and of course, something light and personal to let your audience get a glimpse of the real you. Some have found great success by posting videos that showcase not just their professional side but their personal lives as well, building a holistic online persona that attracts clients.

Tactic 2: Optimize Google Business Profile and Garner Reviews

Google reigns supreme online, yet few agents pay enough attention to their Google Business Profile. Begin by filling in every field on to boost your ranking on the platform.

Pictures and reviews are key. Regularly upload photos of your office, team, recent sales, and other relevant images. To boost your reviews, consider sending QR codes that direct clients straight to your review page, along with a heartfelt note. Timing is crucial, so pick a calm moment in the home buying process to ask for this favor.

Tactic 3: Deliver Value Through Annual Equity Reviews

The internet is great, but nothing compares to face-to-face interaction. Your past clients are your goldmine for reviews and referrals. Annual Equity Reviews are your chance to offer something of substantial value.

Show your clients what they can do with their home equity, offer investment advice, and discuss sustainable wealth-building strategies. Wrap up your meeting by asking for referrals, and, if you haven’t already, gently ask for a review.

Tactic 4: Personalize Follow-ups with BombBomb CMAs

If you want to distinguish yourself from the salespeople who rely on generic texts and calls, go for BombBomb. This tool allows you to send video messages directly from your email or CRM.

By seeing your face, clients are more likely to remember you and value the personalized approach. The application also tells you who watched your video, helping you strategize your follow-up calls.

Final Thoughts

Your face is your business card in the digital age. Being consistent and personal in your approach is key to earning the “Know, Like, Trust” badge from your clients.

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