Ontario Real Estate’s New Era: Understanding TRESA’s Impact

Ontario’s real estate rules are evolving with the introduction of the Trust in Real Estate Services Act (TRESA), impacting how real estate transactions unfold in the province. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes and what they mean for buyers, sellers, and agents:

Transparency and Choices for Buyers and Sellers

Clear Information for Buyers: Under TRESA, sellers must disclose property defects more clearly. This means buyers will be better informed about potential issues like leaky basements or roof problems.

Options for Sellers: Sellers now have more flexibility in how they handle bids. They can stick with the traditional blind bidding or opt for an open offer process, where the details of competing offers are visible to all bidders.

Stricter Regulation of Agents: TRESA grants RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) more authority to address misconduct among real estate agents. This is a move towards higher industry standards and better consumer protection.

Navigating Commissions and Fees

The topic of realtor commissions is under scrutiny, especially in light of recent legal cases in the U.S. TRESA may influence how commissions are negotiated and paid, promoting fairness in real estate fees amidst rising housing costs and inflation.

The Role of Remax Success Realty

At Remax Success Realty, we’re adapting to these changes to offer you informed and up-to-date real estate services. Whether you’re buying or selling, our team is equipped to navigate the new TRESA landscape effectively.

Read RECO’s Guide for In-Depth Understanding

For a comprehensive understanding of TRESA, it’s crucial to read RECO’s detailed guide. Access the guide here to learn more about the changes and how they affect your real estate decisions.


TRESA brings significant changes to Ontario’s real estate industry, focusing on transparency, consumer protection, and enhanced regulatory powers. At Remax Success Realty, we’re here to guide you through these changes, ensuring your real estate experience is smooth and compliant with the new regulations. For expert assistance in navigating Ontario’s evolving real estate landscape, reach out to us at Remax Success Realty.

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