Mississauga Council’s “Disappointing” Vote Against Higher Density Housing

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In a move that has sent ripples through the Greater Toronto Area real estate market, Mississauga city council recently voted down a proposal aimed at introducing more density to the housing landscape. This news comes as both buyers and sellers are keenly watching changes that could impact property value and availability.

Council’s Narrow Decision

On a close vote, the council chose not to allow four-unit houses universally across Mississauga, nor four-story residences near rapid transit stations. This decision has been labeled as “disappointing” by Bonnie Crombie, who is not only the mayor of Mississauga but also a candidate for the Ontario Liberal leadership.

Modernizing the Planning Process

Federal Housing Minister Sean Fraser had outlined these housing modifications as prerequisites for Mississauga to qualify for federal housing funding. According to Fraser, embracing these changes would “increase housing supply within walking distance to transit and facilitate more genuine housing options for the people of Mississauga.”

The Remax Success Realty Perspective

At Remax Success Realty, we understand the complexities of the Greater Toronto Area real estate market. We’re committed to guiding both buyers and sellers through these uncertain times. We believe that more middle-housing options could benefit everyone, offering more choices for buyers and new opportunities for sellers.

Public Reactions and Future Possibilities

After the motion failed, Minister Fraser expressed concern on social media, reflecting a broader sentiment that more must be done to modernize Mississauga’s housing policies. Bonnie Crombie hinted that “all options” for additional middle housing would be on the table upon her return to the mayor’s office.

The Role of Leadership

Bonnie Crombie’s opponents in the Liberal leadership race have criticized her for having “a long history of opposing gentle density.” The motion ended in a 5-5 tie, leading critics to note that had Mayor Crombie been present, she could have broken the deadlock.

The Takeaway

Change is often difficult to implement, especially when it pertains to housing policies that affect a wide array of stakeholders. But as the Greater Toronto Area’s real estate market evolves, it’s crucial for planning processes to adapt accordingly.

Why Choose Remax Success Realty?

Navigating the constantly shifting dynamics of the Greater Toronto Area real estate market can be challenging for both buyers and sellers. That’s why at Remax Success Realty, we’re not just here to facilitate transactions; we’re here to offer lifelong support and guidance. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you make sense of how these ongoing developments may impact your real estate decisions.


  1. How does the Mississauga Council’s decision affect the Greater Toronto Area real estate market? The decision could have implications for property availability and pricing, impacting both buyers and sellers in the area.
  2. How can Remax Success Realty assist me in the current market? Our expert agents can guide you through the complexities of buying or selling property in the Greater Toronto Area, offering unwavering support and industry-leading insights.
  3. Is middle housing a viable option in the Greater Toronto Area? Given the current state of the market and public sentiment, middle housing represents an underexplored opportunity that could benefit a wide range of residents.

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