How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make

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Are you wondering how much do real estate agents make in Ontario? As of April 2024, the average annual income for an agent is approximately $91,128. This translates to around $43.81 per hour, or about $7,594 monthly. Salaries in this field can vary significantly, with the range mostly falling between $60,000 to $100,000, though some top earners can make $150,000 and more annually.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Ontario?

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The potential for earnings can vary widely, suggesting opportunities for career growth based on skill, location, and experience. However, the job market in Ontario currently shows limited activity, with few companies hiring. It’s crucial to consider cost of living and potential for wage growth when evaluating job opportunities in different cities.

Top Cities for Real Estate Agents

Certain cities like Willowdale, Burlington, and Oakville offer salaries above the Ontario average, with Willowdale leading at an 8.6% higher rate than the average. Nevertheless, the variation in salaries among the top cities is relatively narrow, indicating limited scope for wage increases based solely on relocation.

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