GTA February Market Stats for 2024

Canada, GTA February market stats. The famous Gooderham building and the skyscrapers in the background.

As we step into March 2024, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) February market stats showcase a notable uplift in both home sales and listings compared to the previous year, with February 2024 recording an uptick in selling prices as well. This upward trajectory is buoyed by consistent population growth and a sturdy regional economy, fostering sustained demand for housing. Nonetheless, the landscape of home sales still trails behind the record highs of February 2021, primarily due to escalated borrowing costs.

GTA February Market Stats

Jennifer Pearce, TRREB President, observes a revival in sales activity, hinting at a market sentiment that the Bank of Canada’s rate hikes might have plateaued. With expectations of forthcoming rate reductions, a spectrum of homebuyers appears to be acclimatizing to the higher mortgage rates witnessed over the last two years. Many have adopted strategies like amassing a larger down payment, opting for less pricey homes, or exploring different locales within the GTA to counterbalance the heightened monthly payments.

Sales and Listings: A Closer Look

February 2024 saw REALTORS® report a surge in GTA home sales, with 5,607 transactions logged through TRREB’s MLS® System — marking a 17.9% increase from February 2023. This growth outpaces the rise in new listings, suggesting a tighter market that could favor sellers. Despite this, on a month-over-month basis, sales slightly dipped following two months of consecutive increases, whereas new listings remained constant, hinting at a market on the cusp of a shift.

Price Dynamics and Future Projections

February’s home selling prices modestly increased from the previous year, with the MLS® Home Price Index Composite benchmark rising by 0.4% and the average selling price reaching $1,108,720, a 1.1% uplift. As 2024 progresses, TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst, Jason Mercer, anticipates a resurgence in buyer activity, spurred by adjusted preferences due to higher borrowing costs and potentially lower interest rates in the latter half of the year.

Impact of Population Growth and Housing Affordability

John DiMichele, TRREB CEO, emphasizes the critical role of population growth and the expectation of reduced borrowing costs in amplifying housing demand. He also underscores the social and financial repercussions of unaffordable housing, pointing to the necessity for increased construction and governmental support in mitigating these challenges.

Navigating the 2024 Real Estate Market

The GTA real estate market is poised for revitalization, driven by strategic policy measures and economic steadiness. For prospective investors or those contemplating stepping into the property market in 2024, collaborating with seasoned real estate professionals, such as the team at Remax Success Realty, can offer essential market insights and facilitate informed decision-making in a dynamically evolving real estate landscape.

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