Canada’s Inflation Rate Lowers but Still Cost of Living Challenges


As Canada faces fluctuating inflation rates and rising living costs, understanding these economic changes becomes crucial. October witnessed a dip in the nation’s inflation rate to 3.1%, a slight decrease from the previous 3.8%. Despite this, the cost of living continues to climb, affecting everyday Canadians.

Fuel Prices: A Significant Factor

A key contributor to the recent inflation slowdown is the decrease in gasoline prices. In October alone, gas prices fell by 6.4%, marking a 7.8% drop from the previous year. Removing gasoline from the calculation, the inflation rate for October was 3.6%, slightly down from September’s 3.7%.

The Persistent Rise in Food Prices

Food prices, a vital aspect of daily expenses, rose by 5.4% over the past year. This rate, although higher than overall inflation, shows a decrease from September’s 5.8% annual increase. Grocery prices, in particular, have been on a downward trend for four consecutive months. However, as TD Bank economist Leslie Preston highlights, the impact is barely felt by consumers, with grocery costs soaring over 20% in the last three years – the most significant increase in four decades.

Shelter Costs: A Major Concern

Shelter costs, a major component of the cost of living, have surged by over six percent in the past year, roughly double the overall inflation rate. Rent has been particularly affected, increasing by 8.2% in the past year. The cost of homeownership is also on the rise, with mortgage interest rates and property taxes climbing significantly.

The Broader Economic Impact

These cost increases are reshaping household budgets, leading to reduced spending on discretionary items. Tu Nguyen, an economist with RSM Canada Inc., notes that per capita consumer spending has dropped as a result. She suggests that the Bank of Canada might pause further rate hikes, given these signs of a cooling economy.

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