What’s the Best Tech for Agents at RE/MAX Success?

The tech that keeps him productive

Leveraging the best tech for agents is crucial in today’s real estate landscape. RE/MAX supports this need with solutions like MAX/Tech℠ powered by kvCORE, enhancing efficiency in client communication, marketing, and listings management, enabling agents to prioritize core activities.

There is a trend going around right now that you may have seen. “I’m a Realtor but I’m also a…” and then they pop up tons of different roles like mentor, content creator, photographer etc. It’s a funny trend but the reason we bring this up is because it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. Let’s dive into the best tech for agents that work with RE/MAX!

The Best Tech for Real Estate Agents in Canada

MAX/Tech Powered by kvCORE:

MAX/Tech, powered by kvCORE, simplifies daily tasks for agents. It provides a central hub for managing leads, marketing properties, and automating business processes. This tech acts as a virtual assistant, enhancing productivity.

Marketing and Presentation Tools:

Tools like CORE Present and Listing Machine empower agents. They create compelling property presentations and optimize online listings. These resources help in effectively showcasing properties to potential buyers.

RE/MAX Hustle for Enhanced Branding:

RE/MAX Hustle offers easy-to-use templates for creating engaging video content. Agents can boost their online presence and connect with a broader audience through memorable branding initiatives.

AI Integration for Streamlined Operations:

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps agents work smarter. AI can automate repetitive tasks, provide market insights, and personalize client interactions. This technology increases operational efficiency.

Educational Resources with RE/MAX University®:

RE/MAX University® supports agents with tech training. It offers courses that enhance agents’ ability to utilize technology effectively, ensuring they can leverage these tools to their full potential.

Support from Agent2Brand:

Agent2Brand, the in-house marketing team at RE/MAX Success Realty, offers comprehensive marketing and lead generation services. This support allows agents to focus on closing deals and building client relationships.


RE/MAX’s investment in technology ensures agents have the best tools at their disposal. This commitment supports agents in efficiently managing their business and achieving success in the competitive real estate market. Join RE/MAX Success Realty today by clicking the button below!

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