REMAX Success’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Mississauga

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Are you looking for the best restaurant to eat in Mississauga? Whether you’re moving to the area or just visiting, Mississauga offers a rich tapestry of dining experiences, from cozy cafes to upscale restaurants. The town’s food scene is a mix of long-standing favourites and new, innovative spots that cater to every taste and occasion.

Here’s a closer look at some top restaurants in Mississauga, as recommended by the team at REMAX Success Realty.

The Best Restaurants in Mississauga

Colossus Greek Taverna: A Taste of Greece

At Colossus Greek Taverna, guests enjoy authentic Greek cuisine with a menu full of traditional appetizers, fresh seafood, and lamb dishes. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere makes it a top choice for Mediterranean dining in Mississauga.

REMAX Success Realty agents frequently visit Colossus Greek Taverna, relishing the authentic Greek dishes. Favourites include the succulent lamb dishes and the fresh seafood, paired with a selection from their extensive Greek wine list.

Apricot Tree Café: European Flavors

Apricot Tree Café stands out with its European charm, offering a range of dishes from tarragon chicken crepe to signature apricot salad. The cafe’s house-made pastries and desserts, crafted by an Austrian-trained chef, are local favorites.

The café’s house-made pastries, especially the four-chocolate Toblerone mousse cake, come highly recommended for a sweet finale to your meal.

Rick’s Good Eats: Fusion Delights

Rick’s Good Eats presents a unique blend of Punjabi-Canadian cuisine with a twist. Known for its small batches and fresh ingredients, the restaurant offers innovative dishes like the Dosa Burger and butter chicken biryani-style roti taco, making it a must-visit for fusion food lovers.

Sahara Restaurant: Middle Eastern Extravaganza

Sahara Restaurant is a favourite for REMAX Success Realty. They love to go for team gatherings and family events, offering a vibrant mix of Middle Eastern flavors and entertainment. The Lebanese dishes, particularly enjoyed in the lively setting of their banquet hall, make Sahara a unique dining destination.

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