Achieving Tax Fairness in Canada

Splitting bank accounts and tax fairness

Tax fairness is crucial for ensuring all Canadians have equitable opportunities and contribute appropriately to the nation’s prosperity. The Canadian government is focusing on adjusting tax structures to promote fairness across generations, particularly through changes in capital gains taxation. This initiative is aimed at supporting public services and infrastructure that benefit everyone, particularly the younger generation.

Understanding Tax Fairness:

Tax fairness involves creating a system where financial contributions to public services and infrastructure are equitably shared among all income groups. In Canada, progressive taxation has been a key element in promoting economic equality. However, adjustments are necessary to address disparities, especially those benefiting wealthier individuals through mechanisms like the capital gains tax advantage.

Capital Gains Tax Reforms:

The current system taxes 50% of capital gains, which disproportionately benefits those with higher incomes from investments compared to middle-class earners. To address this, the government proposes increasing the inclusion rate of capital gains tax for individuals earning above $250,000. This change aims to make tax obligations fairer and help fund vital national investments.

Impact on Younger Canadians:

Young Canadians often face challenges in wealth accumulation compared to previous generations. The proposed tax reforms aim to level the playing field, ensuring that young people can invest in homes and secure their financial futures. Enhancing tax fairness sustains Canada’s economic health and ensures that all generations can thrive. This commitment supports a prosperous future for everyone.

Supporting Business and Entrepreneurship:

Furthermore, to support small business owners and entrepreneurs, adjustments are also being made to the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption, increasing it significantly. This change encourages business investments and growth, crucial for Canada’s economic innovation and competitiveness.


Tax fairness is fundamental to maintaining Canada’s social fabric and economic strength. By reforming capital gains taxation and supporting entrepreneurial growth, Canada commits to a fairer economic landscape. These changes ensure that every generation can anticipate a prosperous future.

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