7 Reasons to Become a Real Estate Agent

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Are you contemplating embarking on a new professional journey? Aspiring for higher income, and desiring more time, liberty, and adaptability in your work? Are you pondering whether acquiring a real estate license is a worthwhile endeavor?

What Does It Mean to Be a Real Estate Agent?

As small business entrepreneurs, real estate agents take control of their own schedules and craft their marketing strategies. They also nurture leads and seize opportunities to grow. The career offers both challenges and rewards, making it an ideal pursuit for many. Here are seven compelling reasons to consider becoming a real estate agent in 2023.

Is a Real Estate License Necessary?

Absolutely, yes. If you’re planning to engage in the buying and selling of homes or real estate as a real estate agent, broker, or REALTOR®, you’ll need to secure a real estate license. This license must be obtained in the state or province where you wish to conduct business.

Obtaining this license grants you the legal authority to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. It also allows you to guide them through the complex processes of real estate dealings.

1. You Don’t Have to Get a College Degree

College isn’t the right fit for everyone. Obstacles such as financial pressures, poor social fit, lack of family support, or the lengthy time commitment to obtain a degree can be significant barriers. In stark contrast, real estate education offers a more accessible path.

It’s cost-effective, tailored to your schedule, and can be completed virtually anywhere – be it your home, office, or a local café. This flexibility provides a more convenient and practical way to launch a fulfilling career without the burdens of traditional higher education.

2. You Make Your Schedule

The real estate profession offers unparalleled control over your daily routine. You can decide when to work. Do you want to go on vacation? Then do it! If you want to work extra hours, you can! It is entirely up to you!

There’s no need to adhere to a rigid 9-to-5 structure. The autonomy to set your schedule aligns with your lifestyle. This allows a personalized work-life balance that suits your unique needs and ambitions.

3. You Get to Work from Home

The freedom to work from different locations, including your home, is another enticing aspect of real estate. Meeting clients, touring homes, and closing deals are essential tasks in a real estate career. Marketing or lead generation are also key.

These can be handled comfortably from a home office, allowing a more work-life balance. This flexibility not only enhances productivity but also enables you to invest more time with loved ones or in hobbies.

4. You Get to Dress How You Want

Personal branding is a powerful tool in real estate, and your attire can be a key aspect of that brand. Unlike traditional corporate jobs, you have the liberty to dress in a style that reflects your personality. While maintaining professionalism is crucial, the ability to infuse your unique flair into your appearance can make you more relatable to clients and set you apart in a crowded market.

5. You Get to Meet New People

Real estate is a people-oriented profession. Every day presents opportunities to engage with diverse individuals from various backgrounds. Whether it’s networking with other industry professionals or helping clients find their dream homes, building relationships is central to success. This constant interaction not only enriches your professional life but also fosters personal growth and broadens your social horizons.

6. How Much Do Realtors Get Paid? You Choose!

Unlike salaried positions, your income as a real estate agent is directly proportionate to your effort, skills, and determination. You set your financial goals, and you have the tools to reach them. Whether you want to earn a modest income or aim for the top tier, the potential is limitless. With hard work, focus, and strategic planning, you can create a financially rewarding career tailored to your aspirations.

7. You Never Stop Learning

The dynamic nature of the real estate industry ensures that there’s always something new to learn. Whether it’s adopting cutting-edge technologies or understanding fluctuating market trends, continuous professional development is vital. Improving negotiation tactics and staying updated on industry changes keeps you at the forefront of the real estate field. The constant evolution not only keeps the career stimulating but also fuels growth, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of the competition.


Becoming a real estate agent is not just a career change; it’s a lifestyle transformation. From financial independence to continuous learning and networking, the benefits are countless. When you join PPS Realty you gain access to advanced technology, branding, marketing, and unlimited training and support. Also, network with successful realtors at PPS and learn from them!

Are you ready to take the plunge? Get started on this exciting career path today by signing up for a real estate licensing course near you. Your journey toward freedom, flexibility, and financial success begins here. Don’t wait; the real estate world is ready for you!

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